Be your own kind of Beautiful!! :)

I am who I am, I love who I love, I believe what I believe, I am where I want to be at this moment, and I know where Im headed....and noone is going to change that, you only live once right?!? Im a "quote-aholic" if you will. My goal in life is to experience as much as possible!! and to achieve amazing, wonderful things. I have an amazing family. My sibilings are my best friends. I have an absolutley amazing boyfriend, who I love with all my heart. ♥ I have some big dreams...but if you put your mind to can accomplish it. Im cali bound!!! San diego here I come. :) Im a small town at heart of course!! {purple, bug, music, skiing, longboarding, sunshine, ocean, family, my boy.} - thats meeeee!!! God bess <3 lllllllllaaaaa :]